Joining OSF Listens FAQs

Q. What is the purpose of the OSF Listens insight community?

A. We want to provide a way of gathering high-quality input from an engaged, representative group of patients to help improve care at all levels—operational to strategic on a variety of topics. Engaging patients like you in creating solutions and solving problems to help maximize results and achieve success makes OSF the best it can be.

Q. How will OSF HealthCare use the survey results?

A. Results from OSF Listens surveys are shared throughout OSF HealthCare. After we have discussed the results and listened to what you said, we will share with panel members what actions have been taken from the survey results.

Q. Will anyone ever see my individual results?

A. No. To ensure your total privacy, your answers are confidential and grouped in total with other Community members who have completed the same survey. The information you provide is used for statistical purposes only.

Q. Are there any prizes for filling out the survey?

A. If there is a prize or a contest being offered for this particular survey, you will find the details in either your study invitation (e-mail) or within the study itself. Be sure to read the information provided so you are familiar with the terms and procedures for the prize fulfillment.

Q. What if I have questions or feedback not related to a survey?

A. We’ll try to answer any questions you have promptly. Please contact Andrea Bonk at

Q. Is the information I provide or my survey answers connected to my electronic medical record?

A. No. There is no connection between your participation in the OSF Listens community and any personal patient records.

Q. I would like to unsubscribe.

A. No worries. We hate to lose your voice but we understand. You may click on any of the “To unsubscribe click here” link found at the bottom of any of our email communications. An unsubscribe confirmation page will launch, please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ button to confirm. If you change your mind, we’ll welcome you back!